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There seem to be a plethora of resources for our special needs young children and elementary-aged students.  But, as they grow older, even the "government system" lets them go at a certain point.  Sometimes we are left wondering how to handle our precious young adults and adults.  Keep at home?  College?  Employment?  Special programs?  Guardianship?  The below list of resources will hopefully give some insight into finding answers for all of our questions.

Aktion Club.  Organized through Kiwanis, this club's vision is to develop confident, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service.  Their mission is to provide adults living with disabilities an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills, and to serve their communities.

Cornerstone Services.  Cornerstone Services provides progressive, comprehensive services to people with disabilities promoting choice, dignity, and the opportunity to live and work in the community. The Will County, Illinois-based, not-for-profit organization provides vocational, developmental, residential and behavioral health services through five program departments.

Parents Alliance Employment Project.  From their website: Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through individualized employment services.  Their services include career counseling, job training and preparation, job development, job placement, and job coaching and follow-up.


Top Companies with Autism-Specific Employment Programs.  This 2015 article lists top companies with employment programs for adults with ASD.