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Topics D - K

✼  Diet and Nutrition  ✼


Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions, Karen DeFelice.  Follows parents in an e-mail loop as they test and refine enzyme therapy with their children.  Scientific explanations in easy-to-read language.  Lots of practical tips on using enzymes effectively.  ISBN 0972591877; purchase at

Special Diets for Special Kids, Lisa Lewis.  Explains the gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet and gives lots of alternate recipes.  ISBN 1885477449; purchase at

Web Resources

Epigenetics for Changing Outcomes.  Article written by Dr. Dean Ornish about a study done regarding epigenetics and how changing your lifestyle (nutrition, stress management, physical activity, etc.) can change gene expression and improve life.

Health, Home & Happiness.  Cara maintains this site about the GAPS diet.  Great resource if you're doing this diet, or going grain-free.  Information about GAPS, menus, and recipes on the site.

Heritage Essential Oils (forum).  The link will take you to the forum for this essential oils website, where you can sign in and ask questions.  Many people have had success alleviating various symptoms using essential oils.

Houston Enzymes.  A manufacturer of enzymes specifically formulated for ASD dietary intervention. Informative FAQ section.

MTHFR issues.  Link takes you to the blog post written by a mom with a high functioning autistic teen son.  Her son tested positive for MTHFR mutations which can cause the body to not be able to process toxins.  Some studies show that as many as 90% of autistic people have one or two mutations.

✼  Down Syndrome  ✼


Book List for homeschooling a child with Down Syndrome.  Barbara Frank, a mom who has homeschooled a child with Down Syndrome, has compiled tons of information on this subject.  This link will take you to a page (on her website) which lists books and resources for homeschooling a child with Down Syndrome.

Web Resources

Barbara Frank Online.  Barbara Frank homeschooled all four of her children, including her youngest with Down Syndrome.  Click on "Homeschooling Info" and scroll down to find information on homeschooling a child with Down Syndrome, as well as a helpful book list on the subject.

Cedars of Lebanon blog.  Written by Anne Margaret Wright.  Anne and her husband have five precious blessings from God, two through birth, and three who have Down Syndrome and joined their family through adoption. They have homeschooled through hospital stays, surgeries, a flooded house, and even through the good times.  They find themselves constantly stunned by God's grace and mercy as they seek to follow Him with their whole hearts.  They consider it a a joy to share God’s love and encouragement with others.

Homeschooling Children with Down Syndrome.  Amy Dunaway has developed resources for homeschooling with Down Syndrome.  Her material is also helpful with special needs generally.

Homeschooling Children with Down Syndrome eBook.  Also by Amy Dunaway, this is an excellent resource for parents of children with Down Syndrome, and helpful with special needs generally.

✼  Dyslexia  ✼


Dyslexia 101:  Truths, Myths and What Really Works, by Marianne Sunderland.  With the correct information and the right methods, dyslexic children can not only learn to read and spell and write, but to understand the inherent strengths of the dyslexic mind, embrace them and find success. From from research to real life, prevention to remediation, from preschool to college and from the practical to the spiritual, Dyslexia 101 will walk you through figuring out your child’s reading struggles and give you the tools to help them to succeed.  Available through Marianne's website.

Web Resources

Bright Solutions.  Website offers the latest research, a list of symptoms, teaching methods, and free video casts for those who are teaching dyslexic students.  They also have a page listing books, web sites, and other helpful resources.

Dyslexia Games.  From their website: Dyslexia Games is a series of workbooks packed with learning activities that empower your student's brain with new abilities and new brain connections for literacy. Even older children, teens and adults who have been struggling for a long time can quickly build the mental skills needed to succeed in reading, writing and spelling!  The website also boasts Sarah's Blog, with articles on homeschooling with dyslexia, encouraging creativity, and more.

Homeschooling with Dyslexia.  Marianne Sunderland, founder of Homeschooling with Dyslexia, is a certified Orton-Gillingham dyslexia tutor and has been successfully homeschooling her seven (of eight) children with dyslexia for 20 years.  Her website has reliable information about dyslexia, teaching tips and tricks, curriculum suggestions and reviews, parent education classes, and support from a community of like-minded parents.

✼  Fragile X  ✼


Fragile X, Fragile Hope, Elizabeth Griffin.  Subtitle:  Finding joy in parenting a child with special needs. For the multitudes of parents facing the challenge of raising a child with special needs, Fragile X, Fragile Hope affirms that they can survive the devastation of the unexpected diagnosis, the lost dreams, the confusion of treatment options, the sleep deprivation, the painful misunderstandings of friends and family–and that more than survive, they can find a way through this chronic stress and grief back to hope and joy.  Available at Heads Up Now.

✼  General Struggles  ✼


Bright Kids Who Can't Learn.  This resource offers clear information about attention and learning disorders, special education, technical terms, finding professional help, promoting academic success, symptoms of learning disabilities, medication and alternative treatments, and more.  Available at Heads Up Now.

Christian Homes And Special Kids, Sherry Bushnell and Diane Ryckman.  From the ministry of CHASK and NATHHAN, this book covers topics such as how to begin, the early years, the elementary years, the teen years and vocational training, therapy and adaptive technology (this section may be outdated a bit), character development, and IEPs. Available at Amazon.

God's Special Child:  Lessons from Nathan and Other Children With Special Needs, Donna & Ellis Adee, with Tom Hunsberger.  Written from a distinctly Christian perspective, this book covers issues from A to Z regarding homeschooling with a special or struggling learner.  Topics covered include God's sovereignty and special kids, testing, communicating with struggling kids, learning disability v. character deficit, discipline, special abilities and how to unlock them, socialization, and social relationships.  Also covered are issues with typical siblings, parents' challenges, and planning for the future.  Recommended resource.  Available at Amazon.

Heads Up Helping!!, Melinda L. Boring. Drawing on her years of experience as a speech pathologist, Melinda begins her pursuit of educational methods and materials that will help her son achieve the potential she is convinced exists. Melinda offers practical strategies from both her personal and professional experience in helping children with auditory and visual distractibility, sensory issues, fidgeting and hyperactivity, daydreaming, and social communication difficulties. She offers teaching tips and information on how to effectively reach students in ways that are compatible with brain-based teaching techniques. The suggestions for modifying curriculum and adapting the learning environment are easily implemented and applied.  Available at Melinda's website as an eBook.

Home Schooling Children with Special Needs, Sharon C. Hensley, M.A.  Do you have a child with a learning problem, and you feel apprehensive about teaching him at home?  Do you need help locating the best resources for homeschooling your child with special needs?  Do you find yourself confused and intimidated by the professional jargon related to special needs education?  Do you struggle with discouragement related to your child's progress in learning?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this book will help!  This book is filled with resources and guidelines for planning an effective home education program.  You'll learn to understand the vocabulary and the ideas you need to make good decisions for your child.  You'll discover new strength and learn to identify the attitudes that support effective teaching.  Available at Amazon.

Learning in Spite of Labels, Joyce Herzog.  “Full of practical strategies, Learning In Spite Of Labels demonstrates effective ways of teaching any learning style or ability. This book will help you fulfill your longing to really teach your child.  How do I help my struggling learner?  Where can I get the 30 years of teaching experience I need now?  What is God's vision for my child?  How can I best help my child after the "system" has him labeled and brainwashed?  Where do I get inspiration as well as practical teaching know-how?  If you need answers to these questions, you need this book.”  Available at Joyce Herzog's website.

Timeless Teaching Tips, Joyce Herzog.  This book shows you how to infuse your teaching with fun and personality. It is full of practical guidance, principles of teaching and character training, suffused with ideas of how to apply the best to various situations and age levels. Whether you want to get started on the right foot or need a fresh start, you’ll find this book to be a solution. Available through Joyce Herzog's website.

Web Resources

Celebrate Differences.  From their website:  Celebrate Differences is committed to creating a place for families of children with disabilities to feel a part of a larger, accepting community...  We want families to know there is hope and resources available to help.  Click on "Resources" and you'll find a downloadable PDF Disability Resource Directory. – Click on “homeschool,” then “special needs” to view their available books.

Easter Seals.  Provides services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work, and play in our communities.

Heads Up Now.  This is the website for Melinda Boring, featured speaker at the ICHE 2012 state homeschool convention.  From their website:  Heads Up! is a company designed to provide expert information and products for special needs children...  Our goal is to provide materials and information for homeschooling families, occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers, and specialists who work with children who have developmental delays, learning disabilities, or other special needs.

Home School EnrichmentThis website offers a subscription to their magazine of the same name, and also has several online articles pertaining to special needs.

Homeschooling Kids with Disabilities.  A collection of websites and groups to join.  Use your discretion.

Homeschooling Parent magazine.  Online homeschooling magazine with a Special Needs Learning section, plus other articles, curricula, services, and products.

Illinois Christian Home Educators.  ICHE's website.

Joyce Herzog video.   Joyce offers encouragement for parents with struggling learners.  This YouTube video focuses on strengths and weaknesses.

JoyQuest.  JoyQuest offers a variety of support and educational opportunities to families with struggling learners through conferences and workshops; regular articles and publications; development and organization of resources, information, and websites; networking for families with special needs or support groups; and community education on the needs of families with special learners.

Liberty 4 Kids website.   From their website:  Unlocking learning struggles by training parents to help their children reach their full potential.  They provide evaluation and training, and their website has a store with software, music, and books.  Based on the East Coast.

Molly Green.  This blog has a section dedicated to homeschooling special/struggling learners.  I have found articles/blog posts on autism, adulthood, Tourette's, struggling learners, and more.

Special Needs Homeschooling.   This website posts pertinent articles, links to other articles on the web, and resources for homeschooling with special needs.

✼  Hearing Issues  ✼

Web Resources

Sertoma Speech & Hearing Center

✼  IEPs  ✼


The IEP and the Special Needs Child (online article).  An article published by ICHE to help parents understand the what and why of an IEP.  This article was edited and rewritten, with permission, from Amy Dunaway's original article titled An Introduction to the Individualized Education Plan for Home Educators.  Click here to read the article.

The IEP Manual, Jim & Debby Mills.  Written by a homeschooling mom, this is an IEP planner for special needs students.  This manual will give you help setting up a professional-looking program for your student in an understandable and easy way.  It is balanced and comprehensive without being overwhelming.  It is available through NATHHAN--click here to access an article about IEPs, with a link for ordering this resource at the end of the article.

A Practical Guide to Writing Goals and Objectives, Fran Steenburgen Glib. The purpose of this book is to assist the special education teacher at any level in diagnosing individual needs; writing objectives for individual needs; and measuring individual progress. This is a good guide for parents in writing an IEP. Every unit has yearly goals arranged in order of difficulty. Each yearly goal is supported by a hierarchy of six to twenty-five individual objectives. Each individual objective has a corresponding intervention objective (treatment goal). A broad range of skills applicable to ages one through eighteen is covered. Available through Amazon.

Writing Measurable I.E.P. Goals and Objectives, Barbara D. Bateman/Cynthia M. Herr. For all grade levels. This time-saving guide by two experienced special educators and IEP legal experts, provides 75 best practice samples to quick and effective writing of accurate and measurable IEP goals and objectives. Written for the professional but helpful for the homeschool setting. Available at Academic Therapy Publications.

What's So Important About IEPs? (online article), Krisa Winn (Home School Legal Defense Association). Helpful information about IEPs. Good resources listed at end of article! Click here to read the article on HSLDA's website.